2019 Destination Weddings

Irresistible pricing for two photographers, multi-day coverage & extraordinary photos!

An exotic destination or fun cruise wedding deserves amazing photography! And we don't want cost to get in the way of you having epic images and every important moment captured, so we price ourselves to make things happen: just $2,995 for two days of coverage. Additional coverage days are just $750 each. This pricing includes our travel, the two of us shooting, and printable images delivered on thumb drive or DVD.

Why hire us over a resort or ship photographer?

First, we're accustomed to working in new places, and we're comfortable doing so, because we do our homework before every wedding. We're on our game before we arrive. 

Second, while most photography packages include coverage for a set number of hours, we're at your beck and call for two full days.

Third, after the celebration's over, you'll have more control over your satisfaction and more peace of mind when there's no ocean between you and your photographer.

Finally, we value our reputation and we're committed to thrilling you with our professional photos and epic artistry.



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